- March 3, 2006 -

Here is the translation of the page of December 1st, 2006 of my internet diary. I will let you judge if it looks like the account of a sensational discovery:
On the excavation there is great news. We entered a new tomb... It is the tomb of Uahibre-neb-pehty (Theban Tomb 191), a priest who lived in the second half of the 7th Century BC. Its entrance opens onto the Eastern side of the entrance portico of the Tomb of Harwa and, in order to continue the excavations in this area, we have been required to remove the debris that was covering it. We discovered the wall that sealed it which showed traces of at least two burglaries. I do not understand why the robbers worried about entering from here, given that the tomb is easily accessible from the courtyard of another tomb, that of Kheruef.
The demolition of the wall allowed the sunlight to enter the short entrance corridor in the adjacent small room. The room has been cut against a pre-existing tomb that is entered from the courtyard of the tomb of Kheruef and has a very slight wall that has been broken through. The remains of the wall decoration causes us to regret what has been lost. Only the complete image of a sacred calf and the back of another preceding it survive. The short survey of the Tomb of Uahibre-neb-pehty allowed us to establish from where the fragment of the ceiling with floral decoration, recovered on November 20 during the excavation of the North-western corner of the portico (practically from the opposite side as to the entrance of the Tomb of Uahibre-neb-pahty) comes. It is in all respects identical to what survives of the ceiling of the entrance corridor to the tomb of Uahibre-neb-pahty.
Once the debris had been cleared to a depth of around five feet, we asked the workmen to rebuild the wall to close again the entrance to the Tomb of Uahibre-neb-pehty. When we finished the work at 1 p.m. we left them there to continue that task. We had previously agreed that they would remain till the building of the wall was complete. It is not possible to leave a tomb open even for just a day."

Francesco Tiradritti

A final question: "Why did not the journalist contact me first?"
I want to thank Jane Akshar (
www.luxornews.net) and Andie Byrnes (http://tinyurl.com/onsen)who are trying to rectify this regrettable matter.