The "Harwa 2001" ONLUS Cultural Association presents
 The Tomb of Harwa

Report of the 1999 Season


The archaeological campaign of the Civiche Raccolte Archeologiche (Archaeological Museum of Milano, Italy) in the Tomb of Harwa lasted from October 31st, 1999 to January 6th, 2000. During our long stay, we worked in the first subterranean level of the tomb in order to make it accessible to a select number of people (scholars and people supporting excavations) during the excavation and restoration work. Excavations were also begun in the open court and in two funerary shafts in subsidiary rooms at the end of the southern part of the corridor. As for conservation activities, we consolidated the floor of the first subterranean level, and we completely cleaned the walls of the First Pillared Hall. We began to study the limestone fragments recovered during the past four excavation seasons in order to plan the possible rebuilding of the monument.

The members of the mission were: Dr. Francesco Tiradritti (Director and Egyptologist), Dr. Marta Rapi (Field Director), Dr. Cinzia Renna (Field Assistant), Dr. Silvia Einaudi (Egyptologist), Dr. Paola Buzi (Coptologist), Miss Ilaria Perticucci (Conservator), Mr. Carlo Usai (Conservator), Mr. Franco Lovera (Photographer), and Dr. Giacomo Tiradritti (Economist).

The Ambassador of Italy to Egypt, H.E. Francesco Aloisi De Larderel, officially visited the tomb of Harwa on December 11th. His visit was intended to mark the completion of excavation in the First Subterranean Level of the tomb and the possibility of access to it. This is a significant step for our work and we would like to thank, other than H.E. the Ambassador, Dr. Maria Casini of the Italian Archaeological Department in Cairo and Prof. Attilio De Gasperis, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo. Both have helped us in numerous ways with the organisation of our activities. To the Italian Cultural Institute, we owe the publication of a booklet about the tomb of Harwa which was distributed during a reception organised by H.E. the Ambassador of Italy at the Winter Palace Hotel on December 9th.

The success of our campaigns would not be possible without the support of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. For this and many other reasons, our warm thanks go to Dr. Gaballa Aly Gaballa, Chairman; Dr. Mohammed Soghair, General Director for Pharaonic Antiquities; Dr. Sabri Abd el-Aziz, General Director for Upper Egypt; Dr. Mohammed el-Bialy, Director of the Theban Area; and Mr. Ramadan Ahmed Aly, our inspector. They provided invaluable support, assuring that the work progressed in a very effective and productive manner.

The activities of this season would not have been possible without the support of Alcatel Italia S.p.A. which made a financial contribution in celebration of twenty years of activities in Egypt. Our acknowledgment to Eng. Vincenzo Nesci and Eng. Vasco Bassi who demonstrated genuine interest and passion in our work. This campaign was also funded by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and we are very grateful to the Italian authorities for the support they have provided.

We must also mention the technical support of Toro Assicurazioni S.p.A. and Ponteggi Dalmine S.p.A. permitting the successful development of the present campaign.

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