The "Harwa 2001" ONLUS Cultural Association presents
 The Tomb of Harwa

Report of the 2000 Season


The analysis and the record of the inscribed and decorated blocks in the first pillared hall, already started during the 1999 campaign, was continued with the material coming from the excavations of A5, B5, C5 squares. In that way, the examination of the blocks with texts and figures coming form the westernmost part of the hall was achieved. The original position in the walls of some blocks was identified and many joins were also made.

The southern part of the eastern wall in the second pillared room was also copied. The texts proved to be a version of  Chapter 15 of the Book of the Dead.

The epigraphic work of this season also included the copy of the texts engraved in the pillars of the hypostyle hall of the tomb of Pabasa (TT 279). They are inscribed with chapters of the Books of the Hours of the Day and of the Hours of the Night. The version appears to be very similar to the one attested in the tomb of Harwa from where the texts of Pabasa were probably copied. The work in the tomb of Pabasa will be very useful for the reconstruction in Harwa.