The "Harwa 2001" ONLUS Cultural Association presents
 The Tomb of Harwa

Report of the 2002 Season


The large amount of finds and decorated blocks recovered during excavations necessitated the conversion of undecorated parts of the tomb to storerooms provided with shelving. During the last season we began to convert the subsidiary rooms in the First Pillared Hall to storerooms. During this season we repeated the operation in the southern part of the corridor surrounding the tomb.

The two rooms (XA and XB) behind the entrance from the courtyard had already been cleared of debris during the 1999 season. The first southern portion of the corridor (C1) was excavated during the 2001 season. This year the debris was cleared from further parts of the corridor (C3, Fig. 9). During the removal of debris fa´ence shabtys, dating to the Greco-Roman period, were found at floor level, demonstrating that the debris accumulated in the corridor at a later date, though precisely when is impossible to determine with accuracy. The freshly cleared part of the corridor was provided with shelves.

The present situation of the storerooms is as follows:

- Subsidiary rooms of the First Pillared Hall: blocks and pottery from the excavations in the First Subterranean Level, and finds.

- Room XA: bones, mummies and mummy wrappings

- Room XB: pieces of wood.

- Corridor C1: pottery from excavations of the courtyard.

- Corridor C3: decorated blocks from excavations of the courtyard.

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