The "Harwa 2001" ONLUS Cultural Association presents
The Tomb of Harwa

Spring - Summer 2004


In 2001 the French Egyptologist Laurent Coulon told us that, during a survey in the photographic archives of the Centre Franco-Egypten d’Etudes du Temple de Karnak (CFEETK), he had come on a picture of a block (ANX 281) bearing the name of Harwa and unmistakably belonging the decoration of his tomb. Following an agreement with the SCA authorities of the Karnak Temple, we subsequently organised a visit to the Sheikh Labib magazine and we managed to retrace the block in a wooden box lying close to the entrance. In that occasion, we were able to take his dimensions and then to identify its exact position inside the tomb.
The block was brought in the Sheikh Labib magazine after the closing of the Antiquarian shops in Luxor. It had to be seized in one of them and stored there. This season we accomplished all the procedures to bring back the block to the tomb and on July 7th we went to the Karnak temple to recuperate it. The picture of the block in possession of the CFEETK shows that the block was in fact composed by two fragments but we were able to find just one of them. We alerted the SCA authorities of the Karnak Temple leaving them a picture of the missing part of the block, in case they will come on it during the planned works of reorganisation in the magazine.
When we reached the tomb we verified our assumptions about the block that we supposed coming from the southern part of the First Pillared Hall East wall. They demonstrated to be correct (
Fig. 6).




Fig. 6: The block
ANX 281 back to its original position

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