The "Harwa 2001" ONLUS Cultural Association presents
The Tomb of Harwa

Spring - Summer 2004


In order to have space where to store all the decoration fragments and pottery found during our excavations in the tomb of Harwa, we started to clear the southern westernmost part of the subterranean corridor surrounding the tomb in July. After the removal of the bigger limestone fragments lying on the surface of the debris we were forced to stop our work because of the discovery of the edges of a shaft. It was completely hidden by the debris and it had escaped to our detection until present. We decided to postpone its excavation until next season because of the lacking of time (it was found just ten days before the planned date for the works end). The mouth of the shaft is 1 m x 1m wide pointing to a late date of it. It could maybe have escaped to the thorough activities of the tomb-robbers and, if it demonstrated to be achieved, could reserve us some nice surprise, maybe allowing us to better understand the late reuses of the tomb of Harwa. Anyway, the finding of Greco-Roman funerary objects (shabtys and mummy tags) in the neighbourhood made during the 2001 season, are not promising in that sense.




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