The "Harwa 2001" ONLUS Cultural Association presents
The Tomb of Harwa

Winter 2004 - 2005


Compagnia di San Paolo, Gruppo Galgano Consulenti di Direzione and the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry, funded the 2004 activities of the Italian Archaeological Mission to Luxor. The insurance covering the members of the mission was provided by Toro Assicurazioni S.p.A. for the sixth year running. The members of the Cultural Association “Harwa 2001” O.N.L.U.S., through their membership subscriptions and donations, substantially contributed to the success of the excavations. Our warmest thanks go to all of them. We also would like to thank the authorities of the Supreme Council of Antiquities who greatly facilitated our activities: Dr. Zahy Hawass, General Director, Sabri Abd el-Aziz, Director of Pharaonic Antiquities, Holeil Ghali, Director of the Upper Egyptian Antiquities and Aly el-Asfar, Director of the Western Thebes Area. Special thanks are due to Abd El-Hady Mahmud Mohammed, Hassan Mohammed Hossein, Aly Reda Mohammed, our inspectors, who followed the work of the mission, demonstrating a sincere friendship to us. The help and the support given to us by the Italian Government, represented in Egypt by H.E. the Ambassador Antonio Badini and the Archaeological expert Dr. Maria Casini, proved, as usual, invaluable.

Qurna,  January 19th, 2005

Francesco Tiradritti
Cultural Association “Harwa 2001”
S.S. 146 Nord, 6
53045 Montepulciano (SI) Italy


Plan of excavations


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